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Attending our 90min small group session is strongly recommended to all new clients. You will receive a thorough assessment, experience the Foundry family, meet the team and kick start your results. All the benefits of a personal training session for a lot less.

Foundry Foundations is designed to equip you with the skills to join all our classes and get the most from your attendance. You will learn how to:

- Measure your progress
- Structure a workout properly to achieve results
- Perform Movement Patterns and Exercises correctly
- How to progress and regress exercises

You will also receive:
- A Foundry MOT assessment
- A complete nutritional plan
- The Foundry Basics Training Manual

If you would prefer to receive the same instruction in private please email to enquire about a personal training session.


One price for one 90 min session with up to 2 other people.


Our flagship conditioning session is tailored around exercises seen in Strongman competitions and athletic preparation. These sessions can be tailored to any training age, whether you are bustling with muscle or have never stepped foot in a gym before. This class will burn fat, build strength and improve your fitness beyond anything you'll find in your regular gym class or bootcamp. Plus it's bloody good fun! 



This is our unique strength training class. Rather than most strength circuits which do the same thing with the same weights every week, this is programmed on a monthly basis so everyone sees constant progress; and targets different body parts so you can also slot it into your own training programme. You will use a variety of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight and specialist equipment.  


This class is designed to burn fat and maintain lean mass more effectively and safely than other bootcamp options by utilising a mixture of high intensity interval training (HIIT) and resistance training.  Unlike other products you can choose between a variety of CV equipment, not just treadmills, which allows everyone to participate regardless of injury, restrictions or ability.


These classes are focussed on mobility, stretching, trigger point therapy and recovery. This is our proprietary blend of yoga, pilates, soft tissue release and stretching. Our aim is to demystify flexibility training and help you improve your performance in your sport, in the gym and in your life. Book in for a STRETCH now. 



One price for one class for one person. No frills, gimmicks or catches and we won't charge extra for first dibs at the prowler. Done

Love our classes? Can't bear the idea of missing your weekly beasting? However not quite able to commit to a monthly membership due to other commitments? Well, you're in luck! Yes you! We offer a substantial discount on a block purchase of 10 classes. Get a class and a half for free just for planning ahead!

Love everything about our classes? Can't bear the idea of missing your weekly beasting? Would sleep in the gym if you could?  Our UNLIMITED membership is for you!

This is our most popular membership options as you only need to come to 2 classes a week and you're quids in! We want you to come as much as you can.  The more you use it the better the value and the better your results!

Sign up for Foundry Foundations in the same week and save 50%

Going on a long holiday? You can freeze your membership for a month. We simple ask that you give us a month's notice.