We don't normally report celebrity gossip but this comes to us courtesy of a Foundry client and Vibram fan and we couldn't resist.

The Mail reports here that in a moment of casual vs formal existential angst, Thomas Jane, star of HBO's Hung (which is pretty good btw) wore his Vibrams to a recent premiere.

Vibrams have their fans and detractors (Dave witnessed a renowned strength coach whom he respects a lot perform a dubious 'muscle test' - we're not fans of applied kinesiology here - to demonstrate their negative neurological effects) but we're very firmly in the fan camp.

Many performance specialists, medical professionals and scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects on health and performance with barefoot exercise; t'internet is littered with examples but see here for one such study which surprised the researchers.

We have also found observationally that many pain and movement markers have improved substantially when our clients, and even trainers, introduce and build up barefoot exercise slowly using Vibrams.

We therefore feel they are a great modern compromise between barefoot movement and avoiding that nice steaming present a dog kindly left you in the park or the broken glass remnants of a Friday night in town.

We like to remain objective at The Foundry which is why we have turned down affiliation with many branded products.  We became such fans of Vibrams ourselves however that we decided to stock them for our clients.  Since then they have flown from our shelves.

If you fancy discussing how Vibrams can help you drop us an email or pop into the The Foundry and join the A-list ! Ok maybe B-list but heh you just know Brad Pitt will be wearing them this Summer darling!

All purchases qualify for a FREE biomechanics/postural assessment with Keith Littlewood our movement specialist.