heavy weekend

Several months ago, we received an email out the blue from one George Simkin, who had heard about Dave Thomas and The Foundry from a friend who surfs internet rugby forums. Flattering Dave's ego aside, he wanted to know whether we were looking for an intern over the summer. Always keen to nurture anyone with enthusiasm in the fitness industry, we decided to give this George guy a chance to experience The Foundry from the inside...never truly knowing what to expect. It had disaster written all over it but we couldn't have been more wrong! Since George joined us at the end of July, he's been an absolute joy to have as part of our team. Friendly, helpful and the best salesman in town, he can persuade even the most podiaphoebic of people to purchase a pair of Vibram Five Fingers!

We will all miss him when he returns up north and we hope to have him back over the university holidays and (if he'll have us!) as a permanent member of the team once he finishes his studies.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in having an internship at one of the fastest growing private health and fitness businesses in central London, please contact us.

And now it's over to George...


It's just over a month into my internship here at The Foundry and about time people knew who the new fresh faced kid behind the desk is. My name is George, I’m two years into a three year BA in Sport up at Durham University and have a keen interest in just about all sports, particularly rugby.

I arrived to ‘the big smoke’ not really knowing what to expect or what was in store for me. But things got off to a good start by getting lost on my way to work on day one despite checking the route numerous times the night before.

Upon arrival I found a very professional looking shop and upon a tour of the facility, three very well equipped studios as well as the physio/massage rooms downstairs.

A quick demo of how to use the till and some of the programmes on the computer and I was ready to hold the (cardboard) fort alone. I soon got to meet many of the clients and trainers; everyone was incredibly nice and welcoming, from Dave's (usually) gentle abuse to Graeme’s fashion tips.

Speaking with other friends who are doing internships, not only do I feel I have done fantastically well ending up in a place like The Foundry, but also in terms of what I have been doing on my internship. Over a month, I think I've only done two water runs and one coffee run – not bad! As part of my day to day responsibilities, I help to run the shop and manage the studios, but on top of this I have been helping out with various aspects of the business, which includes some really exciting concepts. Of course much of this information is Top Secret but let’s just say the next six months to year proves to be a very exciting time here at The Foundry.

Another significant part of work so far has been geared towards our hugely successful Heavy Weekend. We managed to pull off a 35 person adventure weekend in Oxford all without the brains and organisation of the company that is Helen. This event allowed me to meet and train with lots of exercise professionals (including a England International and British Lions rugby player) and ask them plenty of questions, which leads on nicely to my next point...

One of the most useful parts of this internship in terms of learning about training for me has been just this, asking questions. Whenever a trainer is free or waiting for their next client, it is a great time to corner them and ask something new with regards to training or diet.

A month down already, the internship in flying by. I am keeping in the black with commission on sales and money for expenses (travel and food), and with three floors of gym equipment at my disposal, I am also training hard and regularly while being strict on my diet. I’ve just started writing a few training programmes which helps me to put into practice what I've learned from the other trainers also get their feedback on what I've put together.

And just a final point, if anyone asks, I have many excuses for anyone who has seen the Friday funny climbing video of me falling off the wall…