Richie Norton Personal Trainer

Richie is a certified trainer, and self proclaimed super chef, with an international professional background in rugby and athletics. His love of competitive sport and performance nutrition took him on a journey working with some of the biggest names in the business, specialising in strength and conditioning with a focus on movement and bodyweight calisthenics. Richie has developed his own method combining full body workouts to transform your body from the inside out, with his beloved 'broyoga' yoga.

Over the past 5 years Richie has travelled all over the world as a private health coach to the superstars in film and elite professional sport, preparing clients physically and mentally to be in the best possible shape, all within a strict custolmised training program.

His energy and smile is infectious so we're delighted to have this cheeky Yorkshireman as part of Team Foundry ensuring you working and have fun, every session.

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Instagram: @thestengthtemple