Personal Training

Whether you want to improve your long term fitness or want a quick intensive blitz, find out about training with our expert team of personal trainers

OUR philosophy

You don't have time to try out a new fitness regime to see IF it will work. You want a fitness regime WILL work. With all the pseudo-science and latest nonsense du jour in the media about the new better way to lose weight, it's easy to see how information can reach the point of confusion.

when it comes to your health and fitness, we believe there is no substitute for good, honest, hard work. We cut through all the mixed messages and latest fads and, by using our tried-and-tested principles and experience of getting fit, will create the personal training programme that works for you.

OUR experience

At The Foundry, we specialise in training busy City of London professionals. Your time is precious and, with our decades of collective experience of working with City executives, we know how to get the best bang for your buck with the few hours you can dedicate to your health and fitness goals every week. Being accountable to one of our expert personal trainers means that you get the greatest possible return on investment, not just on your money, but also on your time.

We have decades of collective experience working with busy City professionals. Some come for a short term fat loss programme ahead of their summer holiday, some want to build strength and muscle, and others choose to invest in their and their family’s future with us, dedicating themselves year on year to keeping in the best health possible.

OUR approach

We will listen to you. Tell us what you want to achieve. Whether you want to get in shape for that beach holiday, or want to run your next marathon, or just want to get fit, we will understand your objectives, draw on all our experience and build you a programme that will help you achieve your goals.

Your progress is vital so we record and track all training. We also take regular body composition measurements to keep you motivated and us accountable. You will receive practical, realistic nutritional advice and support in line with your goals, cutting through the deluge of confusing messages and pseudo-science. From everyday recipes to our exclusive guide to local eateries we will help ensure you don’t undo your efforts in the gym.

Most importantly we want you to enjoy your training regime. Many of our clients stay with us for the long haul. Personal training at The Foundry is about more than just what exercises you do in your training session. We want to build a rewarding relationship with you, understand the bigger picture and hopefully we can help make your health and fitness regime an essential and valuable part of your life.