I have been working with The Foundry for the past month in preparation for a move abroad, in the hope of receiving a new professional contract.

The intensive, yet sensible training program has allowed me to quickly and efficiently correct all the minor discrepancies that were initially found in my assessment in order to be able to move onto my Strength & Conditioning work.


On the Health, Strength, Fitness, Speed & Agility side of things the trainers have put me through my paces via tough yet enjoyable exercises both challenging me on a physical and mental level in which I will need to be able to perform under highly demanding training schedules. Dave Thomas, through his experience, encouragement and intellectual insight has in just four weeks helped me become, and feel, much stronger and more powerful, which not only show in my physique but also in the statistics with me being able to lift more weight week after week.

A HUGE thanks to Team Foundry for all your help & I look forward to working with you in my professional future.

Thank you.