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Graeme Marsh is a second generation personal trainer (now you don’t get many of those!) and has worked with clients around the world including top actors and business people. He has been training clients in the city since 2002, having trained Police officers and coached fitness and sports in the USA, Europe and Australia since leaving the Army in 1996.

A regular in the national media and two books to his name, Graeme’s qualifications back up his reputation; in fact it’d be quicker just to list them. As well as holding an MSc from LSBU in Science of Sports Coaching, he has qualifications from ACSM and NASM, is an AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist, and Level 3 PICP Strength coach.

Graeme has a keen interest in the business and educational side of the industry.

Graeme also set up the London Trainer Network, linking fitness professionals and personal trainers through learning.

Graeme is the member of The Foundry most likely to say “Powerful” to, well, just about anything.

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