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Our whole personal training philosophy is geared towards you, not us. You won’t find pictures of our trainers posing on social media, or glowing biographies focussed solely on our achievements. We will never project our own training values on you or make you feel inadequate.

If for whatever reason you need to change your diary and your regular trainer is unavailable to see you, all your training records are logged centrally to ensure that your training sessions can continue seamlessly with another member of the personal training team.

We specialise in training busy City professionals. Whether you want to build a long term relationship with your personal trainer or just want an intensive short term personal training programme, we have the knowledge and experience to help manage the pressures you face outside the gym environment and get the best out of your training programme.

When you sign-up to Foundry:City, you don’t just train with one of us, you become part of The Foundry and we want to share in your health and fitness journey.

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Dave Thomas



Dave Thomas is the original founder and personal trainer at The Foundry. Uninspired by both the ‘impersonal’ business model of personal training within many chain gyms and the exclusivity and branding of the ‘celebrity trainer’ in London, Dave decided to set up a performance and personal training company to enable everyday people to achieve their health and fitness goals. B.F. (Before Foundry), Dave previously enjoyed a successful rugby career representing school, county, region and various clubs around the world and university. A culmination of injuries and ‘being a bit soft’ put pay to a potential professional career and led to a long horse and cart ride ‘dahn sarf’, where after attaining a degree in Philosophy and English Literature from The University of Warwick, he spent several years working as a conference director and a sales/sponsorship executive. His experience of a military upbringing, the top end sports environment and working in both physical jobs and a stressful corporate atmosphere gave him first hand experience of the varied spectrum of health and fitness goals. In addition to training clients, running weekly group sessions, and training several professional and amateur sports people, Dave is resident fitness coach at several rugby clubs and keen health and fitness writer. He is passionate about using the power of sport to help people’s lives and is a Trustee of School of Hard Knocks Charity. He is the most likely member of The Foundry to be stopped and searched.

Jess Wolny


Personal Trainer

Jessica is a strongwoman competitor and expatriated Yankee who specialises in making everyone else (even the boys) feel bad about their pull-up numbers. Raised in the American midwest – and on a typical American diet of processed food – Jess decided to take charge of her body in her early twenties by swapping McDonald’s and video games for fresh vegetables and long walks. In the ten-year journey since, she’s experimented with almost every sort of training, from yoga and distance running to intense cardio and all sorts of weight training. Now she concentrates on strength training – partly because she likes lifting heavy weights, partly because it makes her arms look awesome. Jessica specialises in making you work hard; she’ll find the style of training that you enjoy, is most sustainable, and gives you the results you want. Jess is the member of The Foundry most likely to be complaining about the weather while flipping tyres.

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