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Those who've been following our blog, facebook page or the Men's Health blog over the last few months will know Foundry trainer Sarah Lindsay has been working with Ed Reeves, Men's Health journalist, on a real life transformation.

This is a slightly weighted term as hopefully everyone knows not to believe that everything in "before and after" shots has been achieved naturally and/or without the use of photo editing software. We wanted to work with someone who had always been out of shape, de-motivated about his results and who wasn't blessed with fantastic muscle building genetics.  We wanted to do this to offer inspiration, motivation and realistic results for the many people out there struggling with their health and fitness who have unachievable 'ideals' thrown at them by the media and the fitness industry.

So minus the shaved chest and fake tan (which are usually symptoms of feeling more confident about one's body than attempts to trick the camera) this transformation is nothing more than 100% hard work on the part of our awesome trainer Sarah Lindsay and guinea pig Ed Reeves, who, at 6'4" and carrying a 39" waist was starting, in his own words, with "distinctly shoddy base material".

I'm a committed gym-dodger but training with Sarah never felt like a chore - she kept me motivated throughout with inspiring slogans ("Man Up", "Grow a Pair") and taught me a huge amount about what works and what doesn't.
Ed Reeves, Men's Health journalist and former exercise-dodger

It's been a real pleasure working with Ed, who has thrown himself into the process with genuine enthusiasm and commitment.  You can follow his complete blog series for Men's Health here to follow his training, diet and pick up some tips: Blog articles by Ed Reeves

  1. Ed's introduction to the tall skinny man's guide to bulking up
  2. Ed Reeves: The Before Shot
  3. Ed reveals his supplementation plan
  4. Ed shares his conditioning workout programme
  5. Ed tackles some injury issues with a visit to Victory
  6. Ed takes stock 4 weeks into his training programme
  7. Ed 's pre bulk-up weekly diet
  8. Ed attempts to meat his targets
  9. Ed refuses to give up
  10. Ed reviews his progress at the halfway point
  11. Ed addresses his posture issues
  12. Ed takes extreme measures
  13. Ed looks back over the past 12 weeks
  14. Ed Reeves: The After Shot

If this has whet your appetite and you want to find out more about training at The Foundry or challenge yourself to your own 12 week transformation, please contact us.